Welcome to watchcdda.net!

This is the home of the new watchcdda. Current features include a new interface, playing/watching other people play Cataclysm-DDA (stable & experimental), Nethack, Angband, and DCSS, a built-in chat room, an (optional) in-game chat overlay, automated account creation, and a browser login.

Current features include:

  • Playing CDDA online (stable and experimental).

  • Watching people play.

  • Built in chat and chat overlay.

  • Pseudo-multiplayer (shared world) play.

  • Group play (shared session).

  • VOIP with mumble.

  • Automatic account creation.

  • Browser login.

  • Other games (nethack, angband, dcss, harmonist)

You can create an account with ssh newacc@watchcdda.net -p2222 with password newacc, or through a browser at http://watchcdda.net:81 with the same login. Note that playing and watching CDDA through a browser does not work well. Chat and Nethack, Angband, and DCSS should work fine.

Check out the Development page for updates, and the Instructions page for more detailed instructions on how to join and play.

Discord: https://discord.gg/HhuWWdW (r7st#4605)