Available Modes

Cataclysm-DDA (Exp).
Cataclysm-DDA (0.E)

Continued Development

I am continuing active updates and bug-fixes on watchcdda. Please contact me if you run into any issues so that I can fix them!

Welcome to watchcdda.net!

This website is under heavy maintenance, please use https://r7st.guru/watchcdda instead.


Current features include:

  • Playing CDDA online (stable and experimental).

  • Watch people play.

  • Pseudo-multiplayer (shared world) play.

  • Group play (shared session).

  • VOIP with mumble.

  • Automatic account creation.

  • In-game viewer list.

You can create an account with ssh newacc@play.watchcdda.net -p 3333 with password newacc. Please see the Instructions page for more details and windows instructions, and the Developments page for any changes. The discord channel is here: https://discord.gg/HhuWWdW

My username is r7st#4605 on discord.